What is the professional nurses responsibility

Module 4 Assignment Critical Thinking, Part 4

Name of Group Member (indicate in parenthesis after the name- what specific question(s) each member was responsible to initially address):


Did all group members participate in the assignment as outlined by the group and adhering to your Team Charter Agreement? Yes_______No______

If your group responded “no” or individually and you have concerns about a member’s work quality and/or timeliness/ and/or contributions to the group and would like your faculty to intervene; please send an e-mail correspondence to your faculty as soon as possible. In your e-mail correspondence, please indicate if you are giving faculty permission to contact the identified student with your group/individual concerns.

Citation of your approved article according to APA:


· Each group member will need access to your approved article , and course texts and APA manual as a minimum to complete this assignment.

· Record responses to each question in the “grey” space provided for each question. The grey box will expand as you type.

· Recall: you will earn a group grade for this assignment.

· Responses should be your own words and written in complete sentences. “Yes” or “no” answers will not be accepted and will result in point(s) deduction. Except for section 1, your responses should include an explanation/rationale. N/A responses require justification of why that criteria/question does not pertain to your article.

· Minimize use of direct quotes except where specifically requested.

· Requests for tables must include columns and rows if needed. It is not appropriate to use spacing for a table. If you are unfamiliar with how to make a table in a Word document, please to the “Resources” tab in Blackboard and scroll to: “How to Make a Table in a Word Document”. Failure to include a table when asked will result in point deduction for that specific question.

· Review the “Hints” placed throughout the worksheet prior to responding to the question.

· Read through responses when completed for accuracy of responses, APA use and grammar.

INSERT the full reference citation for your APPROVED article in the grey space below (NOTE: Use correct APA. Your faculty is aware of indentation challenges and will not deduct points for incorrect indentation).

15. Ethical Considerations

15a: How did the author indicate that human rights were protected? (For example, explanation of study by researcher? IRB? Ethics Committee etc.?) Include page number(s) where you found this information? If IRB approval was discussed, what institution(s) did they indicate as giving approval for the study? Discuss/identify how informed consent was obtained. State what page number(s) this information was found.

15b: Discuss/identify if the participants/guardians/parents received any type of payment or compensation for agreeing to be part of the study? State what page number(s) this information was found. If yes, what are your thoughts regarding the payment or compensation from an ethical framework?

15c: Discuss/identify any conflicts of interest in recruiting the subjects/participants? State what page number(s) this information was found.

15d: Discuss whether or not the subjects/participants are considered by the IRB’s criteria as a vulnerable population. (See page 241- 243 of your text.)

15e: How did the authors ensure data remained private/secure? Identify who had access/privileges to the data. State what page number(s) this information was found. If this information is not discussed indicate this with “Not Applicable”.

15f: What specific provision of the ANA code of ethics specifically pertains to research?

· What does this provision address specifically as it relates to research?

· What is the professional nurses’ responsibility in response to the identified provision?