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Question 1

Explain what Jean-Paul Sartre believed about the “essential self.”

Question 2

Briefly explain the “two-worlds” theory. How do I know there are other minds out there like mine? Or do I? (In an internet-based course, this question becomes VERY interesting.)

ethical standards are greatly affected by cultural factors in the light of the statement give some suggestions to develop standardized set of ethical standard for industry do you believe that it is impossible to develop a standardized set of ethical

it is very important not to copy from others work or the internet and if so use references .

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prove p without using law of sine and law of cosine this means yo need to solve this using free body diagram and geometry

Prove P without using law of sine and law of cosine.

This means yo need to solve this using free body diagram and geometry.

Must show all works for full credits.

response paper 155

The paper should be 500 words.

Tone, style, and irony are powerful tools of the storyteller. Choose one of the stories Bartleby, The Scrivener: A Story of Wall-Street and “The Lottery”, and analyze the story in terms of tone, style, and irony Respond to the following questions:

  1. What is the author’s tone in this story? What hints are there within the story that reveal this attitude?
  2. How would you characterize the author’s writing style? How is the style reflected in the tone? Give a specific example of this style within the writing. Select words or ideas that characterize this writing style.
  3. What is the irony in the story? Provide specific example/s to illustrate it.
  • Compose a response that analyzes tone, style and irony.
  • Format your paper in MLA. Remember to double space your paper, include an MLA heading, MLA pagination, and ensure that you are using 12 point Cambria or Times New Roman font.
  • Use a third person point of view to discuss literature. Avoid using first person or second person pronouns. Focus on the determination rather on who is noticing it.
  • Your paper should contain at least ONE direct quote and ONE paraphrase from the text (with correct in-text citations), and it should include an MLA-formatted Works Cited page.

american history i his 121 20102

The Constitution was created through various compromises, deals, and collaboration. Choose one example and present your example to your peers explaining what trades were made and how they were accomplished.

100 words and cited with credible and scholarly sources

buso dewey amp home individual project

Please refer to the PowerPoint and Orientation Guide.

Your goal for this assignment is to effective design an orientation plan as well as how to effectively correspond to your fellow employees/colleagues.

Please read the Orientation Plan and PowerPoint completely for guidance. NOTE: YOU ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL PORTIONS OF THE SIMULATION.

Assignment has FOUR COMPONENTS

1. Orientation Plan

2. Email to Mark Golding

3. Email to Ms. Zimmerman

4. Email to Mr Yamashita

What is an orientation plan?

You probably remember your first day at work. You filled out many forms, met many people, may have learned computer and phone programs, etc.

Your manager believes that not everything should be done on the first date of employment. She feels there are things that can take place beforehand (such as sharing dress code policy), some things that can be done on Day One (for example, meet colleagues, fill out W2 forms, etc) and some things that can be done a week later (such as learn a new computer program).

Your goal is to design an orientation plan where you identify three things that can be done before start date, day one, and one week later.

Note: Let’s say you want to share dress code policy before start date…you do NOT need to share what the dress code policy is, you only need to write DRESS CODE POLICY on Orientation Plan.

split a bst in to 2 trees

First: Implement the class TreapADT including an search, insert, and delete methods.

Then split the tree by adding a SplitTree method.

✔ The tree splitting problem is this:

✗ Given a tree and a key value K not in the tree, create two trees: One with keys less than K, and one with keys greater than K

✔ This is easy to solve with a treap, once the insert operation has been implemented:

✗ Insert (K, INFINITY) in the treap

✗ Since this has a higher priority than any node in the heap, it will become the root of the treap after insertion

✗ Because of the BST ordering property, the left subtree of the root will be a treap with keys less than K, and the right subtree of the root will be a treap with keys greater than K. These subtrees then are the desired result of the split

✔ Since insert can be done in time O(H) where H is the height of the treap, splitting can also be done in time O(H)

write a tax memo including outside research 1


Jane Jungle is a member in a limited liability company, Tarzan LLC, that has historically been profitable but is expecting to generate losses in the near future because of a weak local economy. In addition to the hours she works as an employee of a local business, she currently spends approximately 135 hours per year helping to manage Tarzan LLC. Other members of Tarzan LLC each work approximately 175 hours per year in the LLC, and the time Jane and other members spend managing the LLC has remained constant since she joined the company three years ago. Jane’s tax basis and amount at-risk are large compared to her share of projected losses; however, she is concerned that her ability to deduct her share of the projected losses will be limited by the passive activity loss rules.

a.) As an LLC member, will Jane’s share of losses be presumed to be passive as they are for limited partners? Why or why not? [Hint: See §469(h)(2), Garnett v. Commissioner, 132 T.C. 368 (2009), and Prop. Reg. § 1.469-5(e)(3)(i).]

b.) Assuming Jane’s losses are not presumed to be passive, is she devoting sufficient time to the LLC to be considered a material participant? Why or why not?

c.) What would you recommend to Jane to help her achieve a more favorable tax outcome?

Your responsibility:

Prepare a tax research memo addressing the question that has been raised. You will need to support your conclusion using primary sources of tax law. Your textbook is NOT primary authority nor are You must use proper citation form in your memo (see Chapter 2 for help with citation form). The form for this communication should be professional and in the form of a tax research memo (example posted on Blackboard and a similar example in your textbook). Do yourself a favor and look at the grading rubric before you submit. This memo should be whatever length you feel is appropriate to resolve the issues. We do NOT use a bibliography or list of references in a tax research memo. You will see that citations are within the text of the document in the example. Once a court case has been cited in full, it can be referred to using simply the name in italics.

You are required to INDIVIDUALLY prepare this document. Please upload your memo into Turnitin in Blackboard before the due date and time


discussion and two replies 16

Post an example of a company that launched a social media marketing campaign on Facebook. Post images of the page and provide a link. Describe the key elements of the campaign. How would you evaluate the company’s efforts? What would you change about it? Give the campaign a grade between A and F, and explain your reasoning behind that grade.

Reply 1:

Mazandrea Guiam

For this week’s discussion post, I will be talking about a marketing campaign that simply took place just last month in February. Forever21 had a sale campaign for Valentine’s Day and I personally thought it was awesome, though it was short and sweet. I first ran across this campaign via Facebook. What makes this really stand out and really into the holiday spirit are the colors used throughout the whole clip and images. Pink, white and red everywhere! This campaign’s targeted audiences are girls, mainly girls who love the specific holiday of St. Valentine. It’s to send a message that girls can get into the spirit without having to spend so much since the deals are supposedly starting from “$1.90 and up”. Pretty awesome if you ask me. I know the targeted audiences are girls for sure because everything they showed on the clip were items for girls. These include sunglasses, bralettes, makeup, etc. I think this campaign is already decent as is, but if I were to change something about it, I’d put the wording to be more about self-love because it’s so important with today’s society. So instead of “Valentine’s Day Gift Shop”, I’d probably change it to something like, “Don’t Forget To Love Yourself”. Again, I think it’s a pretty decent campaign. Therefore, I’d give it a B.

V-Day Campaign link: https://www.forever21.com/us/shop/catalog/category/f21/promo-vday-gifts-under-20?utm_campaign=20190121_JANUARY&utm_medium=social&utm_source=Facebook&utm_content=PROMOTION_VDAYGIFTSHOP&utm_term=&sf97836874=1&fbclid=IwAR39doKyGg3Qnsss6NHeXq95iao-C1fNCu_3xqFO94FIMXKj7eW8PdRKAXI

Reply 2: Kathy Nguyen

This is a social media campaign I’ve been seeing a lot on Facebook recently. I would probably give this campaign a D. The ad has really nice imagery that is very nicely cohesive. From their ad it seems like they do personalized designs and graphics for weddings. From the images it looks like wedding websites, save the dates and RSVPs. I’ve scrolled past this ad probably dozens of times and have never felt the need to check out their company or the promotion. I feel like their campaign kind of just blends in with everything on my feed. The ad photos are a little too safe, they aren’t colorful or anything like that to grab my attention. I’m probably getting this ad because I’m getting married next year, so I would say that the company is doing a great job hitting their target market. However their lack of likes and engagement is showing me that they aren’t really attracting the market like they want. Some changes I would suggest is making the advertisement a more… fun? Like change the colors to something more eye catching and make the design something more creative instead of the typical foliage we would normally see in wedding designs.

reply to classmate 25

Classmate 1: Merllin

Research design is often the process one might use in order to answer a research question. Research method refers to a strategy that is used to make that process work. For example, if a person wanted to answer their research question, they may consider using a descriptive, correlational, experimental, review or meta-analytical design in order to obtain the information they want (Watson, 2018). For a descriptive design, a person might create a case-study, use naturalistic observation or survey’s in order to obtain the information they are looking for. A meta-analysis can be used as a statistical tool to filter results from many different scientific studies to create a better picture of their research (McKechnie & Fisher, 2019).

Research methods are equally valuable in order to make these designs work. Some of the most common forms of research methods include survey’s and experiments. When choosing research methods, it is important to consider the amount of detail one is looking to find, as well as the amount of time they must find their research. Survey’s are good at collecting data in a timely manner but can certainly lack in terms of depth and descriptiveness. They can also draw out information from a larger population than other methods with far less time being consumed. Experimentation on the other hand is a much slower process for collecting research data that can be painstaking if done the right way. However, experimentation can also lead to better research with much more depth than survey’s can ever obtain.

McKechnie, D., & Fisher, M. J. (2019). Considerations when choosing a statistical method for data analysis. Journal of the Australasian Rehabilitation Nurses’ Association (JARNA), 22(3), 20–29. https://doi-org.ezproxy.umuc.edu/10.33235/jarna.22…

Classmate 2: Josalin

The difference between Research Methods and Research Design is that Research Methods is the strategy used in order to have information for the research question. Research design are ideas and ways derived in gathering data to conduct a research. the descriptions I will provide of as two examples of research methods are surveying method and interviewing people to gather the right and vital data for the research. Two examples research designs are experimental, which explained the way the research was conducted. Another example is review, this includes literature review and the systemic review., which could be qualitative and quantitative. Quantitative represents the figures and statistics that are evaluated for the purpose of the research, while qualitative is the evaluation of the people’s different mannerism and cultural backgrounds.The process of choosing a appropriate research method and research design is that, it allows researchers to collect all the necessary data and perform a detailed research.


Mack.N.( Feb.2019) Qualitative research methods.A.Data collector’s field guide Retrieved from https://www.fhi360.org/sites/default/files/media/documents/Qualitative%20Research%20Mehtods%20%

McCombes, S., ( Jan, 2020) How to create a research design retrieved from https://www.scribbr.com/research-process/research-design/

Class mate 3: Mpheraing

Patient flow is in essential part of keeping the doors of a hospital or practice open. Due to it being so essential, I think it is important that there is a close relationship between the operational and clinical staff. The operating staff can schedule 60 patients for today, but if they don’t work with the clinical staff to see if it is manageable it can create a backlash. In 2017, the Institute for Healthcare Improvement stated that ” Failing to achieve hospital- wide patient flow- the right time- puts patients at risk for sub optimal care and potential harm”. It will also increase the burden on the clinicians and hospital staff. If the clinicians are rushing to see multiple patients at one time, the level of care will go down, the wait time in between patients will increase, and the patients will feel as if they are not being heard. If the clinicians and operating staff are working together, they can set up a schedule that will insure a good patient flow, to where everyone is feeling comfortable and not over extended while insuring that everyone is getting the best care and that the practice or hospital can still be in a good financial standing.

If the hospital or practice needs to work on improving patient flow there are at least 5 ways they can do that. Melinda Noonan, a director of nursing operations at Rush University discussed a few different techniques that could help improve patient flow. They are: Ask every department to participate in promoting efficiency, Use data to predict patterns, Pay attention to rapidly growing specialties, Set internal benchmarks based on “painful” months, and lastly by examining the biggest portals of entry to your hospital. By following these measures it can help in understanding where the biggest areas of foot traffic are within your hospital and practice, and this will in turn help with staffing and understanding which areas or times may need more staff then others.

Noonan, M. (2011, March 30). 5 Strategies to Improve Patient Flow in a Busy Hosptial.Retrieved from Beckers Hosptial Review: https://www.beckershospitalreview.com/or-efficienc…

Rutherford P. A., Provost L. P., Kotagal U. R., Luther K., and Anderson A. Achieving Hospital-wide Patient Flow. IHI White Paper. Cambridge, Massachusetts: Institute for Healthcare Improvement; 2017: page 5. (Available at www.ihi.org)

Classmate 4: Joshepine

Do you want your hospital to practice evidenced-based medicine on you? Why or Why not?

Evidence-based practice is combining the best evidence available from research and clinical expertise which is then used to treat patients

Without incorporating the most current, up-to-date evidence, health care quickly becomes outdated. Conversely, without clinical expertise, clinicians may be driven by research evidence when it is not appropriate for or applicable to an individual patient. The objective of EBP is to offer transparency and also assure consumers that the procedures and techniques used offer the best treatments or interventions.

The view of Evidence Base Practice, however, is limited and confines it to a purely biomedical approach that does not readily or explicitly incorporate the patient’s perspective. EBP can also diminish treatments and discussions when the patient is not actively engaging in the process. The evidence must be applied to individual patient for a patient centered experience which will include the patient engaging in his/her care. It is more so the scientific research and evidences rather than the patients experience. I rather not allow my hospital to practice EBP on me.

Siminoff, L. A. (2013). Incorporating patient and family preferences into evidence-based medicine. Retrieved from https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4029304/