How does this competency relate to your career choice/development/progression?

Reflect (rather than simply describe)
2. Relate topics from the syllabus to your own experience and competence
3. Use a range of sources of evidence to support your self-analysis & discussion and reference appropriately
4. Cover a sufficient range of topics from the syllabus?
5. Make links between different topics
Questions to guide your reflection:
1. How does this module fit with your plans for career choice/development/progression?
2. What did you discover about yourself that you weren?t previously aware of?
3. What did you enjoy/not enjoy and why?
4. Did anything surprise you about yourself or others?
5. Can you identify any trends or patterns in what you are saying ? does that point to one underlying development need?
6. Are there any academic or other sources you can use to help make sense of your experience?
7. Can you look at events from different perspectives or points of view?
Competence Development:
?Rationale for competency selected; clear evidence-based self-analysis; realistic development plan clearly outlined with SMART objectives and appropriate development activities?
You need to:-
1. Explain why you chose the competence for development ? should be a clear link to the previous section
2. Analyse your present level of competence
3. Suggest specific activities to develop this competency
4. Personalise the development so it was specific to you
5. Set SMART objectives
6. Use theoretical concepts or models to support your discussion and reference them approriately
1. What is your rationale for focussing on this competency?
-How does this competency relate to your career choice/development/progression?
-How does this competency relate to models, frameworks or professional standards?
2. What is your present level of competence?
-What evidence is your self-analysis based on?
3. Identify any opportunities there might be to develop this competency
-Emphasis on action – what you will do not what you could do
-Make as practical as possible and be specific – can use personal, organisational & academic situations
-Establish goals
-What is the timescale involved?
-What constraints might you face?
-How will you evaluate your progress?
?Draws insightful conclusions from whole learning process.?
You need to : –
1. Discuss any patterns which emerged from your reflection and personal insights
2. Consider how this module has impacted on your employability and professional development
3. Think about what development needs might remain
4. Reflect on how will you approach CPD in the future
Overall structure and presentation:
?Critically analyses, synthesises and evaluates information into an evidence-based argument.
Structured appropriately with logical flow and cohesion between sections.
Appropriate academic style & referencing?
Check the following:-
1. Ensure a logical flow between section
2. Use evidence to support your discussion?
3. Include an accurate reference list?
4. Seek help from ELS for your writing style
Note: Topics taken in the course of this module include:
1. Learning and reflection
2. Developing self awareness
3. Perception
4. Individual differences & Personal characteristics
5. Reflective writing
6. interpersonal interaction
7. effective team contribution
8. developing leadership skills
9. Valuing diversity, ethics and professionalism
10. Stress management and personal resilience.