What is the each of your membership?

Certain clop offers you to join it, for payment of 70 RS, out the payment of 50 RS,at the end of each moths for 3 years. The clubs interest rate for your deal is %20 per year compounded monthly
What is the each of your membership? a)
b) What is the total amount that you would?

2) You are the benefited of at rust established for you 30 years ago if the amount placed in trust way 30,000 SR. What, you will receive from this trust after 30 years if your interest rate was %10 per year compounded seminally?

3)You run a business of monthly fixed cost of %20,000 SR. You sell your product for 100 SR. pew unit and production cost of your unit item is half of selling price
What is the profit function of yourbusiness?

4) You produce toys, your company sell each toy for 70 SR, and the fatal cost for 300 toys is 8000 SR. Whatis the total cost for production 400 toys is 9500 SR
a) Find the cost fruition of your business?
b)Find the breakeven point of your businesses?