What strategies methods or activities might you recommend to achieve this goal?

As you learned this week, issues related to health and well-being assume great importance during middle childhood. The habits and practices that children adopt during this period can have profound effects on their physical and childs development mental health and development for years to come. Thus, understanding how concepts including physical activity, play, exercise, sports, nutrition, and body status factor into the lives of children is critical toward optimizing their outcomes across all domains—physical, cognitive, affective, and social.

Imagine that you have been asked to deliver a presentation to a group of your peers on how to promote health and well-being in children during middle childhood. What strategies, methods, or activities might you recommend to achieve this goal? Why do you think these would be effective?

Based on knowledge gained from the Learning Resources this week, create a 6- to 10-slide PowerPoint presentation that identifies and explains specific strategies, methods, or activities for the promotion of health and well-being in middle childhood. Be sure to explain how and why each strategy, method, or activity would help optimize a childs development across one or more domains. Please answer all parts and questions separate.