How can actual instruction be used as an additional metric?

Assignment 3

You are an educational consultant working for an educational consulting group. You are assigned to work for a university as it prepares for its biannual accreditation evaluation meetings. One of the concerns of the university is how to demonstrate to the evaluators that university courses teach what is described in the university catalogue and the course descriptions that are sent to the state department of education. You will need to help the university devise an action plan that will result in a document that can be used during several meetings with the evaluators. This product will prove there is alignment between instruction in courses and the exact descriptions found in the university’s catalogue.

Your project deliverable is a document, in APA format, containing recommendations for an action plan and delivered to the university’s vice president. The plan should consider how the university would collect and display information from the following concerns:

  • What are the present metrics for measuring success within programs?
  • How can actual instruction be used as an additional metric?
  • What are enrollment numbers of various programs, departments, and schools in the university?
  • How do we collect input and self-evaluations from full-time and adjunct instructors?
  • How do we determine the amount and quality of necessary facilities for each program and course?
  • What goes into the design of student surveys and collecting data results?
  • How can we use course syllabi?
  • 4-6 pages