What secrecy versus patenting strategy does your case study use?

The group project is a maximum 2,000-word case report which analyzes the business model innovation of digital company the group was assigned in the first session (Mozido). Your analysis should cover:
• Product/Service
o The value proposition, considering the digital opportunity and revenue model;
o Platform characteristics, including multi-sidedness, control and competitive strategies;
• Market/Industry
o Market characteristics, including network effects, industry factors (5 forces) and value
o How disruptive the company has been/will be, and who has/would be disrupted;
• Protection Strategy
o How the company uses IP to protect and license its intellectual property.
The group activities throughout the course should provide the basis of the assignment content:

-Use the opportunity evaluation tool to analyze Mozido .

-How disruptive is your case study?
-Who is it disrupting?
-Why / how is it disruptive?

-How does your case study price its products/services?
-Does your case study have direct network effects?
-Do you think its in a tipping market?
— What switching costs and lock-in mechanisms does your case study use, if any?
– Which market participants do your case study work with? Is it a multisided market?
– For your case study, how is the platform controlled –shared or proprietary? What should it be? Why?
– Which competitive platform strategies does your case study use?
-What secrecy versus patenting strategy does your case study use?
– How many patents does your case study have?
– How much is your case study currently valued at?
– How does Mozido use copyright in its business?
– How does Mozido use trademarks? Are they very important for its success?

Students are encouraged to use their personal contacts, newspaper articles, websites, academic papers, trade press, etc. to develop their analysis. The case report will be marked on the basis of research quality, analysis,and structure and organization. Insightful and carefully selected application of concepts and models studied over the course (or indeed other courses) is rewarded.