What is planning and how important is it to an organizations success?

The goals that an organization chooses to adopt are defined by an individual or group. Different individuals have different ideas about which goals are important to pursue. In your judgment, what factor(s) should determine the priority of organizational goals? What types of goals should every organization have?

2. Compare the four levels of goals and plans.

3. As you have learned, planning, organizing, leading, and controlling are fundamental management functions. Write a short essay that addresses the following questions: What is planning and how important is it to an organization’s success? What is the difference between a plan and a goal? Include a simple example that illustrates the difference between a plan and a goal.

4. List and define the four major activities that must occur in order for management by objectives (MBO) to succeed.

5. Goals need to be specific and measurable since vague goals have little motivating power. Goals also need a time period in which to be achieved. Management-by-objectives defines goals for each department, project, and person, and uses those goals to monitor performance. Use the four-step MBO process to set two goals for yourself in your life right now, and explain how using this process may or may not help you set and achieve these goals.