Discuss forums about management &amp leadership in nursing

Discuss forums about management & leadership in nursing

discussion forums about management & leadership in nursing

According to Stanley (2012) clinical leaders have special characteristics which help to lead their organisations or their units that they work in to be better and provide better health care for their patients. Clinical leaders are competitive, encouraging, inspiring, sociable, good communicators, clinically educated and have strong values of their actions. Effective clinical leaders always concentrate on what they are looking for and save their time and their stuff’s effort by setting plans and goals to achieve. By organising the tasks and giving clear directions to team members, the quality of health care that been provided would be more satisfying. In addition, an effective element towards successful leadership is sharing visions with team members and engaging them in making decisions. Braga (2008) suggested that Leaders should aim to develop their followers’ strengths, and gain their trust because trust is essential to build a strong relationship with followers as they need to believe in their leader. Moreover, they need to become a guide for them by showing them the constancy toward achieving goals, and showing them high standards of great moral and ethical behaviours. Also, they are ready to sacrifice of their personal benefits for the advantages of their team. Consequently, they will be fully respected and trustworthy (p.185-186).On the other hand, Braga (2008) also demanded that leaders should be self-confident and decisive in making necessary decisions in difficult situations with being flexible to face hindrances (p.185-186). Leaders can observe their followers’ satisfaction of their job and their productive interactions in order to know whether their leadership is beneficial or not. Also, they measure the amount of stress on individuals. Meanwhile, they evaluate their goals achievement and the quality of health care delivered to patients.

In your opinion, ((what could turn a random stuff nurse to be an effective clinical leader?))

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