What are the labour market implications of this proposal?

Answer one or two questions from the topics below. For each topic, you must first provide a theoretical desсrіption of both the problem and your solution (i.e., use diagrams to explain the problem and your solution). You must choose one of the following topics. Topic 1. What income supports would you use to maintain an acceptable minimum level of income for single parents? For young adults: Why? 2. You have been told to develop a scheme to increase labour market hours/participation of a certain highly-paid group of professionals. You have been told that this group has a very inelastic labour supply response; maybe even backward bending. You don’t really have enough time to encourage in-migration or train more workers. You can consider substituting other types of labour. What would you do? Why? 3. The provincial NDP has just announced that $10/day day-care is part of its election platform. What are the labour market implications of this proposal? 4. There was a recent change in the minimum age at which children in BC could legally work. Is this a benefit to both the workers and society? Why or why not?