Culture trends and Diversity in Nursing Education



PLEASE READ THE ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY AND ANSWER IN A WELL WRITTEN, SMOOTH TRANSITION MANNER (MASTERS LEVEL CLASS). PLEASE ANSWER EVERY QUESTION FULLY. MAKE SURE TO BASE THIS PAPER’S CONTENT MAINLY ON THE TEXTBOOK MENTIONED HERE, FOCUSING ON CHAPTERS 2 AND 3 BUT READINGS GO FROM CHAPTER 1-8. PLEASE SUPPORT THE WORK WITH OTHER 3 REFERENCES (REFERENCES <5 YEARS OLD) (TEXTBOOK WILL COUNT AS THE FOURTH ONE). ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE CONTACT ME. PLEASE CITE ALL WORK IN PROPER APA FORMAT. THANK YOU In the required text, Innovative Teaching Strategies in Nursing and Related Health Professions, Chapters 1 through 8 present concepts and trends that are of key importance in teaching and learning. Specifically, Chapter 2 “Culture and Diversity in the Classroom” and Chapter 3 “The Teaching-Learning Experience from a Generational Perspective” focus on culture, diversity, and the generational gaps challenging educators – these considerations should inform your discussion and reflective analysis of the following questions: From your perspective as an Educator: 1. Discuss how two (2) cultural trends, specifically feminism and one other one that you choose to identify of current relevance, impact the teaching and learning environment you would encounter in: 1) a clinical educational setting, and 2) a classroom educational setting. 2. Describe how interprofessional education is influenced by culture and diversity. Include the perspective of at least two (2) professions in addition to nursing regarding these concepts, and the “culture” of the professions they represent. 3. How do culture and diversity impact development of critical thinking and clinical reasoning skills?