What are some of the sources of power on this nursing unit?

Answer all questions in an essay with an introduction and conclusion. Please combine all essays into one APA formatted document with clear subheadings differentiating each essay. Please use 3 scholarly articles.

1. You are the nurse manager on a cardiac unit. The staff has a history of poor morale due to several reasons such as heavy workloads, demanding physicians, and increased staff turnover. More than half of the current staff have been there less than 1 year. One of your goals is to empower your nursing staff.

-How would you begin to empower your staff?
-Consider the three elements necessary in the empowerment process: professional traits of the staff, a supportive environment, and effective leadership. -Of these things, what is in your sphere of control?
-What are some of the sources of power on this nursing unit?
-Identify why nurses would feel powerless and possibly transfer off the unit?

2. Illustrate a recent group project (more than 2 people involved) that you participated in either through school or at your work which was challenging and required decisions. Answer the following questions:

-What was the goal of the group project? Was the goal attained?
-How effective was the group in arriving at the decisions? Identify some of the barriers that were present in the group setting.
-What techniques were utilized in the group decision making process?
-Explain everyones roles in the process and any meeting arrangements that helped the process.

3. Describe the patient care delivery system at your work. How well does it work? If you could implement a new nursing care delivery system or combination for your area of work, what would it look like? Explain your rationale. As a nurse manager, what patient care delivery system would you prefer to work with and why? If you were a patient, what delivery system would be best and why?