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The older adult population is unique and each member deserves to receive healthcare encompassed by dignity and respect.
This assignment strives to enhance the philosophy of caring for aging individuals.
? Read “The Five Elements of QAPI” which are government guidelines for quality improvement in long term care facilities, found under the Week 1 Reading tab
? Conduct a review of current evidence-based literature related to quality improvement and measurement
? Analyze what the literature says in relation to the elements of QAPI document and other quality improvement measures related to the older population
? Compose a paper discussing both the QAPI document and the evidence-based literature on quality improvement for the older population
? Express a personal reflection on your experience of quality improvement in your place of work as it relates to older patients or if you do not work with an older population, express ideas and opinions on the subject
? Identify ways in which this review will impact your care for the older adult population in the future
This paper is about improving the care of the elderly. Think of programs that improve the care of the elderly, such as fall programs, skin care programs, early ambulation, adult day care, Silver Sneakers, ACE units and senior programs.
Please use the following headings in the paper.
? Title of paper (goes on the second page top of paper). Then your introduction paragraph below
? Age Related Challenges – Consider what are the general changes that the elderly goes through as they age.
? Literature Review – Review 5 articles –Briefly give the general overview of the article and citation and reference. Identify how the QAPI five elements are used in the articles.
? Physical and Emotional Changes in elderly that Make Quality Improvement a Challenge – Now look at the above challenges and relate these to a quality improvement project. How do these physical and emotional changes make the implementation of the project more difficult?
? Barriers and Solutions to Quality Improvement Programs – Besides physical changes what are barriers and solutions for implementing a quality improvement unit.
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? Future Impact on Care of the quality of care of the elderly – Now that you researched the elderly, what does the quality of care look like for the elderly in the future.
? A conclusion is at the end but not a heading. Start paragraph with In conclusion
The paper should:
? Be written in the APA style format; neatly typed and without errors.
? Contain a Title Page and Reference Page.
? Consist of a maximum of 5 pages, EXCLUDING the Title Page and Reference Page.
? Include a minimum of 5 credible and refereed resources from literature such as scholarly nursing journals or textbooks published within the last five years (Wikipedia is not a professional reference).