the potential to influence future nursing practices

A problem in nursing at this current time frame is the lack of Personal protective Equipment in this COVID19 pandemic. According to Rowan (2020), “there is growing international concern regarding the shortage in supply chain of critical one-time-use personal and protective equipment (PPE).” This is an active issue in the nursing profession where nurses quiet like ourselves are risking our lives to save others and are not being given the appropriate equipment to deliver a critical job. There isn’t enough N95 mask, face shields, gloves, protective gowns, and possibly shoe covers to help nurses fight this new virus, which, employers are making staff reuse their same PPE. Now given that this issue is a new understandable economic 101 problem, it should be followed and researched. This problem should be studied in the sense of how many nurses are being exposed with reused PPE or just due to the lack of PPE and endangering themselves of catching this deadly virus. A study should be proposed in which we gather statistical analysis to find out how many nurses are being found positive and critically ill up to including death due to this pandemic issue where manufacturers are not able to meet the demand unfortunately.

Rowan, N. J., & Laffey, J. G. (2020). Challenges and solutions for addressing critical shortage of supply chain for personal and protective equipment (PPE) arising from Coronavirus disease (COVID19) pandemic – Case study from the Republic of Ireland. Science of the Total Environment, 725.

Nursing research has the potential to influence future nursing practices and improve patient outcomes by acquiring knowledge through research. The nursing profession has always sought to improve care provided to patients, patient outcomes, and clinical practices. These goals can be reached through continuing education and performing research (Helbig, 2018). One problem that we are facing today is nursing shortage. For example in the hospital I work in there has been about 2 floors that have been closed due to COVID-19, on top of this we had a recent exposure in our unit where employees were exposed to the virus and got sick and had to leave work and be placed on quarantine. The closing of the other units has affected those nurses unable to work on their floor and have to be floated to other floors where they may not feel comfortable taking care of such patients. One case is the oncology floor that closed down and now those nurses are being floated to telemetry floors and many of those nurses don’t feel comfortable taking care of patients with drips or other issues. This has caused a great deal of dilemma in the units. With this going on and people getting exposed and sick with COVID-19 nursing shortage has definitely been an issue. It is important this problem is studied as this can affect patient safety and the nurses well being. Being in an unrecognized environment and not feeling comfortable is not how any employee should feel when walking into work. It can cause a great deal of stress, which can lead to errors and increase patient care and safety.


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