How did you open spaces for others to share their story around this inequity?

The social action project paper should have four parts:1) What is the social inequity you addressed and why?2) What is your story within this inequity?3) How did you open spaces for others to share their story around this inequity?4) How you built community, dialogue and research to plan action which will address this inequity? Specifically, how did you use The Long Haul, as well as any other course readings, as a resource and guide?Other questions you may want to address are:Please only use the one source i providedHorton, Myles (1998). The Long Haul. New York: Teachers College Press.
ISBN-100-8077-3700-3What are your inner struggles around this social action?
What changes has this project brought about in you, your values and perspectives?
Where have you grown as a result of this social action project?
Where do you see yourself needing to grow?
Discuss your thoughts on Myles Horton and The Long Haul and the ways in which Highlander has impacted your thoughts on social action and the social action which you have to help with paper please use
How was race seen or not seen in your community where you grew up?
Growing up I lived in a area of Los Angles that was mostly Mexican families. My neighborhood was tough it was ran by the local gang the Avenues. At my high school there was mostly Mexicans, some whites, very few Asians and two black males. I had no issues with race at school my only issue happened at home more I was to welsh for the Mexican side of my family and too welsh for the Mexican side of my family. My mom raised me to not judge people from where they came from. I was exposed at young age to a lot of different kinds of foods and cultures because of my moms love for food and people.How is race seen or not seen in your present day communities?
I see a good mix of people in my area in the past It was most just Mexicans families. Now I seen all kinds of different families from everywhere. I also see a growing trend of people who families consist of them there partner and their pet. On the block I live on my son is they only young very different from years past. Although I did not live in the exact location I still live in the same area I grew up in and back then it was full of families and children playing outside during the day.Share a story about a racial encounter you once had, and if you have never had a racial encounter, why do you think that is?
I never really noticed this as a young child because my mom had a lot of different friends from everywhere but growing up in the part of los angles I did blacks were not allowed this was shocking to me when I found this out. I found this information out from reading a book called Mexican mafia the book is a true story about the area I grew up in. Apparently the gangs would run black families out of this neighborhood a lot times it even ended in death. I was really sad when I read this but it made sense because there were only black guys at our school. I never knew how tough they must have had it both were my friends but we never talked about that since I never knew of it being issue till I was an adult. It was hard enough growing up in our area I could not imagine that added stress and fear.What has been the impact of race upon your development and your perception of others?
From a young age my mom had taught me not to judge people for any reason that was not my job only god had that job she use to say. So I have done my very best to keep a open mind and learn about other cultures. My mom was a teen mom she was judged often and put down a lot so she taught me not to be that way. My mom has a big heart and loved food from all around the world so she taught me to embrace others.feed back my teacher gave hank you for your submission of your Social Action Project. You have a solid base in regards to your social action project and I was really excited to read about your project. You had such a great personal story leading up to the inequity you were to address that it just allows me to see how passionate you are about this idea. Perhaps bringing in a statistic if you can find one on the affects of racism would be great. How will you open spaces in order to create community dialogue? Community meetings? Social media, etc? Be specific and chose how you will create this plan (where? how will you advertise it?) Focus in on how you will be able to share this inequity with others and that you can all come together to share your stories and to create social action. Also, bringing in some background on racism would be great-are there statistics that you can find on the affects of racism? In your community, state, country? Just some thoughts to think about as you start to put together your final project. Great first outline,on my outlineplease use all the info i have given you !! to help with the paperif you have more questions please ask