sexual safety risk assessments


If you could please include some of the following things if you feel they have any relevance:
– deseclation techniques
– redirection techniques
– use of sensory room or sensory modulation
– other personal coping strategies a patient/consumer may find helpful to calm self down
– Daily sexual safety risk assessments (DSSRAx’s) (takes into account past history and current vulnerabilities)
– daily risk assessments (daily for LDU, every shift for ICA/HDU) (takes into account past history and current vulnerabilities)
deciding on visual obs- 15 mins vis obs, 30 min vis obs or 60 min vis obs (takes into account past history and current vulnerabilities)
– gender sensitive area (GSA) which ideally is for individuals whom identify as female and anyone that is part of the LGBTQI community. Of course this is not always possible due to there being more males on the ward, however as staff it’s important to look at each patient and see who would (if males need to be down the GSA) be most appropriate to be in the GSA.
– Ensure to provide all female patients with a swipe access wrist band which enables them to enter the GSA and if there are males rooms in the GSA they do not receive a wrist band and are only allowed to be in the GSA when they are going to sleep at night.
– There are no visitors to be in patients room and no patients are to be in co-Pt’s rooms.
– try best to allocate a female contact nurse or male contact nurse to an individual that has previous trauma

journals and texts that may help help:
Archives of Psychiatric Nursing
Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry
Australian Journal of Advanced Nursing
British Journal of Psychiatry
Hospital and Community Psychiatry
International Journal of Mental Health Nursing
Issues in Mental Health Nursing
Journal of Advanced Nursing
Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing

What’s in the uploads: (5uploads in total)
– outline of assignment including instructions of format and marking criteria
– Lecture notes from wk1-5 (excluding wk2)