position regarding a health care policy

Identify a policy issue related to health care in general or to the health of a specific population. Your focus may be on an issue that can be addressed locally (city or school board), through the state legislature or at the federal level. The paper should be an essay about a health policy related to the topic and should be defended as to why the bill passed (or why is should be passed). Select an area related to your personal and/or professional interests. Some examples may be: off-label drugs, coding, opioid overdose, cost of the ACA, reimbursement for home care…). You may even choose a topic that may not have a policy but you feel it warrants the development of a policy. Caution: this is not a paper on a specific topic about health care (this is not a report about Alzheimer’s for example). The issue needs to be tied to a policy that will impact health care delivery. Please Note: Papers will further be evaluated using Safe Assign (an originality report) Assignment Length: Communicating your understanding and taking a position regarding a health care policy requires discussion of the high points of the topic and doing so with adequate length of text. The final paper should be in the range of 3-5 pages in length, double-spaced, 12 font, and 1 inch margins. This does NOT include the title page or reference pages. Use APA (6th ed.) format. Write in 3rd person. Use relevant resources, at least 4 (no Wikipedia or WebMD) where at least three of which must be professional journals (your textbook can serve as a reference as well). Generally, journal articles should not be more than 5 years old. Include a title page, running headers, citations, and references in APA format. Strict adherence to APA formatting is expected. Use all APA course resources (provided in Blackboard). The paper is worth up to 36 points. Be certain to address all required areas to maximize the number of points earned for this assignment. The grading rubric is on the last few pages of the syllabus. Below are a list of potential topics that you may wish to investigate for your policy paper. You are not limited to these topics: 1. Mandatory Overtime 2. Registered nurse title protection in Ohio 3. E-cigarette policy initiatives 4. Big pharma policy initiatives 5. Recent Medicaid and/or Medicare policy initiatives. 6. Medicare off-label drug prescription policies 7. Nurse Staffing legislation 8. Pandemic and All-Hazard Preparedness Act 9. Entitlement Reform 10. Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act 11. Title VIII funding