Find an area with dim lighting to conduct this experiment

The Nervous System Week 3 Assignment 1:

Reflexes Nerve impulses travel through the nervous system via nerve pathways. A reflex is a rapid, involuntary response to a stimulus which occur over pathways called reflex arcs. Procedure 1. Before you begin the experiment, review the reflex arc animation in the Nervous System section of the eScience Labs Student Portal here: 2. Find an area with dim lighting to conduct this experiment. 3. Stand next to the participant and instruct him/her to focus on a distant object. 4. Quickly shine the light into the right eye. 5. Wait 30 seconds and repeat the procedure with the left eye. Examine the response of the left eye.

Nervous System The Nervous System Week 3 Assignment 2:

Testing Cranial Nerve Functions Twelve pairs of nerves arise from the inferior area of the brain. The cranial nerves are numbered from I to XII indicating the order in which they originate from front to back. Each cranial nerve has a distinct function. This may be sensory, motor or both. Procedure 1. Review the cranial nerve information on the following page. This table describes the function and functional test used to examine each cranial nerve. 2. Pick three cranial nerves that can be tested independently of each other. Identify these nerves in Table 2. 3. Perform the test for each of the nerves you selected. Record the test you performed in Table 2. 4. Record the results of each test in Table 2. Materials You must provide the following materials to complete your experiment: Participant Various Materials (depending on test performed)