Evaluate the authors argument and outline your reaction or assessment of it.

Please write the annotated bibliography for the 2 uploaded articles.each one should be more than 500 words. Task: This task asks you to prepare an annotated bibliography of 2 cited references related to the subject and selected from different weeks of the teaching. Its purpose is to help you identify topics, concepts, theories and debates in the literature which you can then apply to practice. It is like a mini literature review. You need to summarise and evaluate each reference in turn in a way that shows you understand core readings and the debates across them in relation to organizational communication. Cited references should be derived from the subject reader. Each cited reference in your bibliography should be accompanied by a critical commentary of 500 words. Note that the comment should be a paraphrasing and a ‘critical evaluation and not a mere summary or description of the reference items in question. Criteria: Quality of reading and drawing on academic literature relevant to the subject. (This means you paraphrase rather than regurgitate and you do so accurately. It also means you make explicit reference to the reading to support statements, claims, evaluations etc.) Critical evaluation of the chosen references. (This means you assess the argument and evidence within each reference and give your own critical view). Integration of literature (There is evidence of connections and comparison made across the chosen references, and other references on the subject). Relevance of literature chosen and reviewed. (There is description of how and why the reading has aspects which are relevant and interesting for practice). Accuracy and consistency of referencing. (The bibliography is written in correct English, follows Faculty referencing procedures and demonstrates professional presentation as a word processed document according to the word count). Breadth of referencing. (A reference list of at least 5 scholarly sources cited in the bibliography is included). Further information: Your commentary should aim to include: • A summary of the main argument of each reference. This means that you need to summarise the authors main view or argument and the core ideas they are using, • State how a reference connects to other subject references, debates and topics. • Identify aspects of the reading that you think will be important to apply to the case study assessments and in ‘real life as a practitioner. For example, this may include information, concepts, methods or learning which you think will be relevant, or will challenge prescriptive ideas. • Evaluate the authors argument and outline your reaction or assessment of it. You should provide a Combined Reference List at the end of the Critical Annotated Bibliography including works annotated and any additional works referred to in the annotations.