Draw and describe the network you would recommend and how it would be configured

Drop and Forge is a small manufacturing firm with 60 computers on their network. The company has one very large manufacturing plant with an adjacent office building.  The office building houses 50 computers, with an additional 10 computers in the plant.  The current network is an old 5 Mbps Ethernet that will need to be completely replaced.


The company is also looking at expanding their operations by providing specialized design modelling to their customers.  This would involve the creation of computer generated animation of the design for the customer before creating the final product which should prove more cost effective then creating prototypes.  It is hoped that by providing the customer with a virtual model that more international orders may be attracted.   The design office would require considerable computing power for design process and storage for the models.


Draw and describe the network you would recommend and how it would be configured. The goal is to build a new network that will support the companys needs for the next three to five years.  Be sure to include the devices and type of network circuits you would use and the reason for the selection. You will need to make some assumptions regarding the organisation and their needs.



Be sure to document your assumptions and explain why you have designed the network in this way and how the design will solve the company needs.


WORDS – 520