Discuss your observations regarding how well your classmates body paragraph directly supports his or her thesis statement.

Woman Burned by McDonalds Hot Coffee Then the News Media Retro Report The New York Times
Read Case 6.2: Hot Coffee at McDonald’s, located on page 231 in your textbook. Then, watch the video below.
After reviewing the video and case study, choose two (2) of the five (5) discussion questions located at the end of the case. Formulate and post your response. Post a comment to a peer who answered at least one (1) different question than you did.
Hammond-Creating Data Standards.pdf
“Creating Effective Health Systems ” Please respond to the following:
From the first and second e-Activities, summarize the key features of the HITECH Act. Next, specify the overall impact of the adoption of The HITECH Act for health care organizations within the United States.

From the third e-Activity, analyze the primary manner in which EHR technology ensures improvement in the quality of patient care. Next, speculate on the overall impact that the health care information system standards have on the adoption of EHR technology within health care organizations. Provide a rationale for your response.

Thesis Statement and Body Paragraph
Please share your thesis statement and one complete body paragraph from your Informative Essay – Draft, and then respond to the following question:
How does your body paragraph directly support your thesis statement?
Did you use rich, relevant examples or statistics?
Peer Feedback:
After you have posted, provide a classmate with feedback.
Discuss your observations regarding how well your classmate’s body paragraph directly supports his or her thesis statement.
Offer ideas for improvement where needed, and celebrate one or more strengths in your classmate’s writing.
How to give feedback: A “good” peer review is specific and combines suggestions for improvement and praise for what works well. A “poor” peer review does not give specifics and does not offer insight to help your classmate reflect on or improve his or her writing.

Assignment 2

Informative Essay
Draft Due Week 5 and worth 50 points
Have you ever needed just the facts?
At times a formal, objectively written approach is more appropriate or even critical for establishing credibility so that your audience will listen and get informed! The key to informative writing is making the shift from personal opinion to objective facts. This assignment will provide you with the important opportunity to practice making this shift to a style that is required in so many workplaces and throughout your academic program.
For this assignment, you will write an informative essay on the topic you have previously chosen. You will need to identify a problem, need, or process related to your topic. Then you will inform your audience and provide supporting evidence from a minimum of two credible sources that have been provided in the webtext. Keep in mind, you will continue to use the standard essay format: Introduction paragraph with a thesis statement, body paragraphs that specifically support the points in your thesis statement, and a conclusion paragraph.