Discuss the purpose statement of the paper should be related to developing a patient teaching plan.

Preventable Disease Overview

Describe (in one to two paragraphs) the preventable disease you identified in the introduction. Include signs and symptoms, how it is diagnosed, and physical assessment findings associated with the disease. Discuss how you identified that your adult participant is at risk for this disease. Use your textbook or another outside scholarly source to support your information. Cite your source and include a complete reference on the reference page.

Evidence Based Intervention

Choose and describe one evidence based intervention related to the modifiable risk factor you have introduced (one to two paragraphs). Describe this intervention in detail, and provide rationale for your intervention. Utilize at least one scholarly peer-reviewed journal article. List short term and long term goals you have for your participant related to this intervention. Note: You must summarize and analyze the information from your sources in your own words. Avoid direct quotations. Remember to include proper citations.

Implementation: Teaching Plan

Discuss in this section what methods you will use to teach your participant how to implement the intervention (one to two paragraphs). Be specific about what you will be asking them to do. Describe any resources you would provide to the participant to help them understand and be successful.


Describe (in one paragraph) at least one method you would use to evaluate whether your intervention was effective. Discuss how you would revise your plan if it proved to be unsuccessful.


End with a summary and conclusion (one paragraph). In one well-developed paragraph, summarize important points from the body of your paper and reiterate what you hope to accomplish by implementing this intervention. End with a concluding statement.