Briefly describe each need and state why it needs to be addressed using the literature to support what you are saying.

Due Date
Sunday, October 2, 2016 11:59 PM EST New York Time
Once you have chosen your group, you will do a literature search. Go to Excelsior College Library and locate at least three (3) articles that examine the health and wellness needs of your selected group. These articles should be from peer-reviewed academic journals and must be dated within the past 7 years.
Using the articles you located in your research, identify and describe three (3) specific health and/or wellness needs experienced by this group.
Based on these 3 identified needs, you will then propose a health and wellness program to address one of these needs. As you do this, consider the types of messages that this group might be most receptive to. Identify settings or venues where members of this group might be most reachable. You will choose and apply one of the three approaches you learned about in module four in your paper.
Your paper should be written with the following headings:
Target Group
Identify the cultural group on which you are focusing and provide a brief description, including key characteristics and, if relevant, demographic information. If there are sub-groups within your target group, please briefly describe these as well.
Key Health and Wellness Needs
Identify and define the 3 health and wellness needs you learned about in your research.
Briefly describe each need and state why it needs to be addressed, using the literature to support what you are saying.
Focus of the Program
State which one of the three health and wellness needs you identified you are addressing in your proposed program?
Explain why you selected this issue as most important for your selected group.
Key Messages
Describe what types of messages, communications, or ways of being spoken to this group might be more receptive to or less receptive to. Address tonality, terminology, and language as well.
Recommended Approach
Recommend the use of one of the three approaches (awareness, education, or direct intervention) for your chosen group. Include the following in your recommendation:
Describe the selected approach.
Explain how you would use the approach for outreach to your group.
Explain why you believe this approach will be most effective.
You must apply your references in your description and explanation.
Provide a concluding paragraph that summarizes your chosen group, the need you addressed, and the approach you chose. You may also include any professional and/or personal reflections or thoughts not based on the literature review.
Your paper should be 3-4 pages double spaced and written in paragraph format, not bullet points. Use APA 6 style PDF, File Size 47.3KB, including in-text citation and references.
3 articles
1. Sickle Cell Trait and Competitive Athletics is there a Risk by Howard A Pearson MD
2.Screening Students Athletes for Sickle Cell trait- A Social and Clinical Experiment