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DB response. 150 words 1 nursing journal reference

The definition for informatics has been evolving with modern technology and influences from the healthcare field. Informatics is defined as the practice of creating, storing, and retrieving information, a branch referred as information science (Sensmeier, 2010). Informatics has an extremely important impact and role in healthcare and nursing. One of the most significant key factors of informatics is the impact on patient safety, quality, and efficiency of care delivery (Sensmeier, 2010). Informatics drastically improves the coordination of care and improves the general outcome of the patient experience, which has a remarkable impression on healthcare and nursing.

Documentation is a relevant component of nursing responsibilities. The importance of documentation includes the impact on fundamental elements of patient safety and the accountability of quality care by the practitioner. Documentation also creates a clear communication between all healthcare professionals and monitors the actual performance of the healthcare staff.

The electronic medical record (EMR) can increase quality of care and decrease errors in numerous ways. The reduction of medication errors is one of the most impactful advantages, allowing the practitioner to decrease the errors in administration and prescription through cross- referencing. EMR also allows for timely access of medical records, improved productivity, ensuring legible documentation, and proper monitoring of disease conditions (Strauss, 2015).

One of the benefits of healthcare technology the master’s prepared nurse can face in the healthcare delivery system is the standardization of care. Healthcare technology allows for a standardized and cohesive healthcare delivery among all parties involved, including the patients. The lack of experience in healthcare technology may be one of the challenges the master’s prepared nurse can experience within the healthcare delivery system.

The current role informatics technology has in population health is an ever-expanding one. The continual utilization of informatics allows for easy accessibility of information. This access has a positive impact on population health, allowing everyone to be on the same page and equally informed.