Subject: – Nursing

Please look at the syllabus. I need the assignment number 2 done
The evaluation plan is asking for how you intend to evaluate the plan. Not the COWS assessment in general. But the plan to put the protocol in place. What are scientific research based methods of evaluation? Which one are we going to use to evaluate this plan. An evaluation plan is a roadmap that identifies the goals and ways in which you’ll collect and analyze data. This includes which information you’ll collect, along with how, where and when you’ll collect it. It identifies your research methods, those responsible for carrying out the plan, timelines and budget.
Okay it is asking for the COWS protocol how are we going to evaluate the plan to introduce the protocol. Not the COWS itself. It is asking how we are going to measure the effectiveness of the plan and what tools we are going to use: surveys, questionnaires, etc. Third it is asking for an analysis plan overall. Once we have the data how are we going to analyze it. This paper needs someone that is familiar with research. They would have been better able to address what the syllabus is asking for


You should be familiar with with scientific writing

This paper is going to be published.

Are you familiar with research methods of evaluation. Tools and measures for research? Analysis plans? This is going to be published in a major nursing journal. I need someone that has command of the English language and knows basic grammar. Remember you will not be writing about the COWS assessment per se. But how we re going to scienfically evaluate the protocol plan, tools and measures i.e. qualitative measures or quantitative measures or mixed and how are we going to analyze it once we have the evaluation plan figured out.