Why would you be a great candidate for the masters program?

Attn: Graduate Selection Committee
1. Why are you interested in Florida Tech?
??Offers flexible schedule for a working professionals, one of the top school in florida, having produced quality
alumni, one of the best employees in my company (Siemens) graduated in this institution.
2. Why would you be a great candidate for the masters program?
?? im thinking about writing my professional achievements as a convincing statement. please see attached resume
and see what you can make out of it.
3. I have a low GPA they said it needs to be addressed and talk about why it fell. I would like to include in the
statement that it is because of my lack of priorities during my younger years and also financial hardships.
4. lastly, i would like to talk about where I would want to end up with the degree.
Overview of my background, I got my undergrad degree in philippines year 2012, worked with a multinational
company for 2 years then moved to US, i am now working for siemens energy inc as business intelligence analyst.
I am trying to apply for a graduate degree in Master of Science in Information Technology specialized in ERP. The
reason why I chose this degree is b??????ecause of the high demand skills for ERP systems such as SAP and
ORACLE, I would like to learn how to integrate business process and workflow of the company , manage core
HR/financial data of the company. I believe that good business infrastructure can increase the availability of the
information, helping companies to have information in real time to make decisions and accurate prognostics
regarding the organization.