Why is technology imperative in the classroom?

The National Council on Teacher Quality published this report, which gives a state-by-state analysis of the steps administrators can take to improve teacher quality. Post a brief summary of where your state stands in regards to the race to the top and answer the following questions. What steps could you take as an administrator to help improve teacher quality? Or if your state is already doing well, what steps can you take to maintain teacher quality? Especially the state of Florida.

http://www.nctq.org/p/docs/NCTQ_CO_Race_to_the_Top.pdf (Links to an external site.)

2.Write about how schools are integrating technology into the curriculum in K-12. Why is technology imperative in the classroom? How can the teacher use technology to increase student learning?

3.Describe and discuss the effective teaching variables, including planning for content coverage and delivering instruction.

4.Compare and contrast tangible and intangible rewards. Discuss the negative impact that inappropriate use of rewards can have on behavior.