Why is it of particular importance for the supervisor to identify primarily with management?

questions are based from 

  1. Charles R. McConnell, (2014) Umiker’s Management Skills for the New Health Care Supervisor, Sixth Edition. Jones & Bartlett Learning. ISBN-13: 9781449688851

2.   Anatomy of Care – Jones and Bartlett Learning ISBN-13: 9780763780234

all questions must be health related

MUST USE CITATIONS FROM MULITPLE RESOURCES FROM THE READING LIST IN MODULES 1-3. At least one per question or (-2) per question if no citation present. 

Total Points Points Lost
1 1a. Lists steps for becoming a healthcare supervisor?                               2b. How would these be different from other industries?               (Chapter 1) 10  
2 Why is it of particular importance for the supervisor to identify primarily with management? (Chapter 1) 10  
3 Describe how each of the following activities can improve customer service: (Chapter 2)3A.          Position Descriptions

3B.           The Recruiting Process

3C.           The Selection Process

3D.          The Orientation and Training System

3E.           Performance Review and Reward Systems

3F.           In-service Educational Programs

4 Relative to customer service, explain why is it suggested that we “under- promise” and “over-deliver”? Give an example of using this in a customer situation. (Chapter 2) 10  
5 Based on the Case: Bending The Break, answer the following question:How can management solve the problem of having coffee available to your employees and still accomplish the morning break within the allowed time be solved? (Give 3 solutions)                                                         (Chapter 6) 10  
6 Define what bona fide occupational qualification (BFOQ) means to employment and why it is necessary? Provide 3 examples and why they are a bona fide occupational qualification exception. (Chapter 7) 10  
7 What do most of the potential causes of violent behavior have in common? Explain fully (Chapter 12) 10  
8 Can a prospective employer legally ask a job candidate about arrests and convictions? Explain your answer. (Chapter 12) 10  
9 Based on the Case: The Employee In The Corner, describe in detail what steps should management do in this situation.     (Chapter 12)