Why does he include this? Is this an effective mode?

“Kid Kustomers” by Eric Schlosser, explains how the advertising companies extend their markets to children. Many years ago, few companies focused their market on children; they usually focused on adults. After they discover children have a biggerpotential, they use advertisements to attract children.

compare/contrast, classification/division and cause/effect as the modes of development. (Is it persuasive? Why or Why not? Thesis still missing)

(This clearly showed that most of the companies targeted adults in the past. This compare and contrast mode, is more effective to emphasize the main idea of this essay for children being targeted nowadays.) (But emphasis is different from persuasion. What is his goal?)
Then they base on the research and apply it in the advertisement to attract children and affect their behavior.) (Why does he include this? Is this an effective mode? Why or Why not?)