Why do people participate in the underground economy?

The book “gang leader for a day” by Sudhir Venkatesh revolves around various ways people participate in the underground economy.
Discuss the specific factors of the underground economy. Why do people participate in the underground economy? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this system?

An underground economy is illegal and the government is generally opposed to allowing one to operate. Discuss the relationship between the government (police, city government, school system, etc.) and the underground economy. Does the government attempt to shut down the underground economy? How does the underground economy interact with the legitimate (aboveground) economy?

Lastly, argue whether or not the underground economy should be allowed to exist. Include specific examples from your book (citations!) to support your argument. You must also include material from class (Micro Economics )(i.e. the underground economy is good/bad because of something we learned in class – more citations!).

Your argument must be consistent with the advantages and disadvantages you discuss earlier in your paper.
You must use MLA format.