Which of the following most accurately characterizes the fallacy of hastily generalization?

It is not necessary to write out the questions. It is fine to just provide the answers.
1- True or False? In Latin, ad hominem means to the person”.
2- Which of the following qualifies as an ad hominem argument?
A) Mr. Tuning told me to read chapter one, so I better, because he is my teacher.
B) He probably pours good drink; he is a bartender, after all.
C) Marys comments are always wrong; she sits in the front row and tries to be the teachers pet
3- True or false? Facts about a person are never relevant to what that person has to say.
4- True or false? The begging-the- question fallacy occurs when one question naturally leads a person to ask another question.
5- True or false? Begging the question is also known as “circular reasoning”.
6-what of the following qualifies as begging the question?
A) My landlord is a liar; therefore, she doesnt tell the truth.
B) My landlord is wealthy, so I may ask her for a loan.
C) My landlord owns my home, so she should know where the fuse box is located.
D) All of the above.
7- True or false? Slippery slope arguments assert that allowing one thing to occur will eventually cause something very undesirable to occur without providing adequate justification for such a causal linkage.
8- Which of the following is an illegitimate slippery slope argument?
A) If you outlaw guns, then only outlaw will have guns.
B) Guns dont kill people, people kill people.
C) If you outlaw prostitution in Nevada, then brothels will be illegal, as well as prostitutes working the street.
D) None of the above.
Question 1-8
1- Which of the following most accurately characterizes the fallacy of hastily generalization?
A) A case where a generalization is accepted based upon sufficient information.
B) A case where a generalization is rejected based upon sufficient information.
C) A case where generalization is made based upon insufficient information
D) None of the above.
2- True or false? One of the dangers of hasty generalizations is that they can lead to false stereotype.
3- True or false? All generalizations are fallacious.
4- Which of the following qualifies as an argument from false authority?
A) My plumber said that my pipes should last for many years, so Im going to use the money I set aside to fix them to instead go on a vacation.
B) My vet said that my headaches may be caused by the radiation given off by my cell phone, so Im going to stop using it.
C) My dentist told me that I have a cavity that needs filling, so I guess I will have to face the fact that I should go under the drill soon.
D) All 0of the above.
5- True or false? Sometimes, a person who may not appear to be an authority on a certain topic may still make correct assertions that concern that topic.
6- True or false? That fact that many people believe something is the case is always sufficient reason to believe it is the case.
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