Which best fits your approach to ethics?

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Part 1

Explain if you agree or disagree with the definition of ethics as defined in the text. How does the definition of ethics change depending on context (for example, industry, culture, country)? Review the three basic philosophical positions to ethics in the text – Absolute, Existential and Situational. Which best fits your approach to ethics? Explain with support from the text.

Part 2

When companies operate in other nations, should they adhere to the standards of their home country or adapt to the ethical standards of their host nation? For example, should American companies give “gifts” to journalists in other countries if that is the standard practice? Explain your answer. On the same note: what is the concept of “pay for play” as described in the text? Is there any unethical behavior involved with either the public relations professional who offers the cash, or the journalist who accepts it? Explain your answer with support from the text.