Where are the library facilities at De Montfort University?

Give detailed outline.
2. The subject is Crisis and business continuity management.
3. I will upload you several detailed instructions, you must read them thoroughly before you start writing the paper.
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1. This is an examination, you need to answer both topic 2 and 3.
2. There is no specifically detailed topics, instead, there are only broad topics, Business Impact Analysis and Organisational resilience. So you should read all the instructions that I uploaded to you and summary them, then write definition, features, purposes and so on on these two topics.
3. You can read the file “good & bad exam answers”, and guess what the examination will be like, then write the paper according to it.
4. If you want more instructions, you can go to my school’s website to download more instructions
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subject: Crisis and business continuity management

Topic 2 – Business Impact Analysis (800 words)
Lecture Week 5
Tutorials 3 and 4 (Library Case study and application)

Business Impact Analysis
During tutorials 3 (weeks 7 and 8) and 4 (weeks 9 and 10), we will be conducting using Business Impact Analysis methodology using the university library as a live case study.

In preparation for your tutorial in week 7 or 8, please answer the following questions:

1. Why should library services be a BCM priority for a university?
2. Where are the library facilities at De Montfort University?
3. What are the opening times for the library?
4. What services are offered within the library?
5. What activities take place within the library?