What will you walk away from this internship with in terms of school and career?

Direction:I need 2 journal entry that are 1.5 pages each. From 9/30 and 10/7(copy pasted from syllabus below )Your journal should be both a descriptive narrative of your internship experience (what it is that you are doing to accomplish the goals you and your sponsor have set) and a reflective narrative (what that experience means in terms of a larger learning experience). It should connect the practical work experience with your course work whenever possible. The journal entry should be a minimum of one and a half pages: one page narrative and a half page reflection. To earn full credit for your journal, entries should be written on a weekly basis and emailed to me the week they are due.My internship: of the Internship: To the best of your ability describe the internship in as much detail as you can. What will be your role, your tasks, your training, etc.? What will be your title?Title: Media ResearcherI wil be supporting Senior Analysts to develop and manage agency clients media intelligence programs, implement, manage and own total quality control processes to ensure accuracy of CARMA research results. I would also be expected to organize CARMA research results, develop charts, graphs and tables for client reports and assist in preparation of in­depth qualitative and quantitative reports for CARMA clients in a variety of formats.Goals: What will be the goals for the internship as set by you and your sponsor together and agreed upon by you and approved by me? Your sponsor, as mentor, needs to be part of this figuring out what your internship can achieve.­­Short term goals: What will you be learning or training for in order to do your internship work?As I lack in experience of working in the frond end side of the business. This intership would provide me the much needed experience in public relations (especially agency) or marketing. It would also allow me to practice my verbal and written skill in business English.­­Long term goals: What will be the long term learning experience that you will take from this internship? What will you have learned by testing your academic discipline in a real world setting? What will you walk away from this internship with in terms of school and career?The long term goal would be to develope a strong entrepreneurial mindset, and problem solving abilities. By having the opportunity to experience the entire pipeline from driving the research process, assisting with development of products, to preparing reports for clients, I hope to gain strong functional understanding of the general business cycle in data driven industries.Schema: What will be the time frame for this internship? What days will you go on site and how many hours a day? Internships usually run 15 weeks during the fall and spring concurrently with the semesters and 12 weeks during the summer. It is important that you include your start date and your end date.I will be doing a Part ­time Senior internship, on site from Monday to Friday, 20 hrs a week.Points that can be mentioned:1. I am an Economics Major, so please link to how my internship is helping me gaining experience or knowledge in the economy.2. My company is a very successful in Dubai and has recently moved to NEW YORK to expand their market. Some issues:- Different culture means different business strategy and costumer needs. (Dubai costumers likes to have actual staff to manage their accounts instead of logging in to the system on their own. NYC costumers likes privacy and control. They want to be able to manage everything on their own.)