What specific information about attitudes regarding the products attributes did the survey yield?

Create and distribute an online survey about how people use and process information to choose among alternative brands when they are looking for a consumer product (e.g., furniture, clothing, household appliances).

After selecting a product, determine the appropriate questions to build your survey. For example, you may consider asking how respondents weigh the importance of a specific product attribute such as price, brand name, packaging, ingredients, or manufacturing location or practices.

Use SurveyMonkey or another online survey format to conduct the survey. Consider the appropriate sample size. Attempt to get at least 30 responses. Write up the results, including the meaning derived, a sample size analysis, and the explanation of the process used for both stages of research.

The survey can NOT collect any personally identifiable information; for example, do not ask for name or address in the survey.

Submit your survey, data, and analysis on the above prompt. Include the following critical elements:

• Use the appropriate questions to address a problem. Describe why you used each question and why you used the number of questions you did.

Explain the results of the survey, including:

• What specific information about attitudes regarding the product’s attributes did the survey yield?
• Describe the sample respondents. Provide any useful information about demographics, age, and gender, and describe the strengths and weaknesses of the sample group.
• What process was used to develop the questions and to distribute the survey?

• Explain what you would do with the results of the survey if you were the decision maker. Describe at least one specific decision the company could make.