What should change because of these recommendations and how will those changes be measured?

Describe four distinct, well-conceived, creative and supported recommendations to help in the evaluation of Prism Skylabs.
This is a tactical plan that contains actionable recommendations and as such, should clearly state what actions the organization should take. Your recommendations are must include in-text citations of peer-reviewed material from scholarly journals and a list of references so that the investors know your recommendations are grounded in research.
Describe each recommendation in detail and explain why each recommendation is useful (i.e., backed up by at least one appropriate reference per recommendation).
Use at least three peer-reviewed articles to support and justify your recommendations. You are welcome (even encouraged to cite each paper multiple times). At least one of these papers should be cited for each of your recommendations. Examples of peer-reviewed articles that would be appropriate are included below, but you need not use any of the articles from this list. You must be able to provide evidence that your recommendations are supported by the scholarly literature. Recommendations should reflect a true understanding of these articles; superficial use of these references will not be acceptable. In addition to these resources, you may use your book and lecture notes as supporting sources.
Be sure to integrate your sources with your suggestions. Integration involves more than just a quote from a relevant source, and in fact you MAY NOT use any direct quotes in this assignment (cite and paraphrase). You should discuss and paraphrase key points from the supporting articles and then discuss how those points relate to and support your recommendations.
Recommendations should be realistic and cost effective but you do NOT need to include a budget.
Provide a short sub-heading for each recommendation.

III. Evaluation:

Indicate how to measure the impact and effectiveness of the recommendations you have made. What should change because of these recommendations and how will those changes be measured?


You must include a reference page listing all the works you have cited in your report, including the peer-reviewed scholarly references (at least three), our textbook, and class notes.
This list should be in alphabetical order in accordance with APA style.
Use APA style throughout the paper and in the reference section. Please contact me if you are interested in using another academically acceptable reference style (e.g., Chicago, MLA).

Formatting and Tone:

Remember, executives at this level are busy people. The tone you use in your report should be professional and appropriate to the executive level; a casual tone should be avoided. The people to whom you are writing are your clients and should be treated with respect.
Use complete, grammatically correct sentences. Avoid the use of “I”, do not use slang, or text messaging/IM abbreviations. Bullet points are NOT acceptable. Proofread carefully for spelling, noun-verb agreement, syntax, and other elements of good writing.
The entire report (excluding the references section and title page, if you include one) may NOT exceed five (5) pages double-spaced, Times New Roman 12-point font, 1 inch margins.