What roles did group members adopt?

Scenario Type 3: Lost at Sea You and your team have chartered a yacht. None of you have any previous sailing experience and you have hired an experience skipper and two-person crew. As you sail through the southern Pacific Ocean a fire breaks out and much of the yacht and its contents are destroyed. The yacht is slowing sinking, your location is unclear because vital navigational and radio have been damaged. The yacht skipper and crew have been lost whilst trying to fight the fire. Your best guestimate is that you are approximately 1000 miles South West of the nearest landfall. You and your friends have managed to save the following 15 items, undamaged and intact after the fire: 1. A sextant 2. A shaving mirror 3. A quantity of mosquito netting 4. A five gallon can of water 5. A case of army rations 6. Maps of the Pacific Ocean 7. A floating seat cushion 8. A 2 gallon can of oil/petrol mixture 9. A small transistor radio 10. 20 square feet of Opaque plastic sheeting 11. Shark repellent 12. One quart of 160 percent proof rum 13. 15ft nylon rope 14. 2 boxes of chocolate bars 15. A fishing kit Your task as a group is to list the above 15 items in order of importance for your survival. Additionally, list the uses for each. You must come to a consensus as a group for this.

**********Questions Below are the questions that you need to complete individually in a 3-4 page essay format following APA or MLA. Once you have completed this you will then need to turn your work into turnitin.com before the due date posted on your syllabus. You will need to answer the following questions using specifics and examples from your group scenario discussions and relate the theory/information from your text to the following questions

. • How were decisions made? (See chapter 9)

•How were meetings conducted? (See chapter 11)

• Who influenced the decisions and how? (See chapter 5)

• How could better decisions have been made? (See chapter 10)

• Did people listen to each other? If not why not? (See chapter 7)

• What roles did group members adopt? (See chapter 3)

• How was conflict managed? (See chapter 8)

• What kinds of behavior helped or hindered the group? (See chapter 11)

• How did people feel about the decisions? (See chapter 9)

• How satisfied was each person with the decision (ask each participant to rate his / her satisfaction out of 10, then obtain a group average and compare / discuss with other groups’ satisfaction levels) (See chapter 9)

• What have you learnt about the functioning of this group?

• How would you do the activity differently if you were asked to do it again?

• What situations at work/home/school do you think are like this exercise?