What preparedness activities do you feel are most important in this particular situation?

This week we review the four phases of comprehensive emergency management. Each phase provides distinct activities, roles, and functions that serve to better a community’s abilities to deal with a given disaster.
Take two minutes and watch this quick news video:

What preparedness activities do you feel are most important in this particular situation? Activities can be those performed by law enforcement, fire, EMS, public works, forestry, the EMA, or any other emergency management stakeholder you can identify. Support your selection. How do you think the concepts of homeland security could be involved in the management of this incident?
Please use at least one (1) reference in APA format to support your writings. Also, please remember to reply to the posts of at least two (2) other students. This facilitates the best possible discussion each week. Thank you!

Part 2 – Section 508 Compliance
prepare a 2 slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation that explains Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

Choose two of the technical requirements placed on software applications (§ 1194.21) and explain the purpose each serves
one slide for each technical

part 3
Art class discussion question
This is a short discussion question assignment, base on the question below, try to write a responds to the requirement, about 100-150 words, and a image of the subject. I will also post some other student’s post for you to use as a sample.

The gothic cathedral features

This should everyone prepare for the exam! Identify a key feature of the gothic cathedral in your subject heading – just one – and explain its function in your post – visuals are always encouraged and please try to use the Insert Image tool in the toolbar above so the image shows in your post!

Student’s post:

The rose windows of gothic cathedrals represent the importance of eternity and personal salvation. The religious purpose of the rose window is to encourage man to strive for perfect form, just as the rose window is symmetrical and purposeful. The circle is filled with organic shapes that mimic rose petals. A Rose is a universal symbol of beauty. The detailed stained-glass designs are intricate and often filled with many colors. The stained-glass window could also have a stone overlay. Rose windows were often placed at the top, center of cathedrals. The window could be seen from the outside and inside the cathedral, encouraging the viewer to look up. The window reflected the state of transcendence that one should achieve. The light that shined through the windows filled the cathedral, just as Christ, the ultimate light of the world, fills the heart of man. Pictured is the rose window of the 14th century Notre-Dame gothic cathedral
“Stock Photo – Rose Window, Notre-Dame Gothic Cathedral 14th Century, Strasbourg, Alsace, France.” Alamy. STOCKFOLIO, 19 June 2017.
Part 4 business discussion
Each LA activity 150 words
The following is the book for this class:
Textbook: McElreath, D., et. al. (2014). Introduction to homeland security. Boca Raton,FL: Taylor & Francis Grou