What makes your claim an arguable issue?

Connection to Intellectual Property/Plagarism:  Do zero tolerance plagiarism polices help or harm students.  Do they really help them to understand that they are stealing the intellectual property of others?


  1. Should Unintentional and Intentional Plagiarism be Treated Equally?


  1. Post-Humus Intellectual Property.

Connection to Intellectual Property/Plagiarism:  Should the family of an inventor or artist receive money off of the intellectual property of someone after they die?

  1. Do patents create unfair monopolies?

Connection to Intellectual Property/Plagiarism:  Patents protect the income created from peoples ideas, their intellectual property.  But do they also harm others?

  1. How should drug research be compensated?

Connection to Intellectual Property/Plagiarism:  The research that goes into creating medicine certainly creates very valuable intellectual property.  But what should be done when the price of those medicines skyrockets?

  1. What plagiarism standard should musicians be held to?

Connection to Intellectual Property/Plagiarism:  More and more lawsuits are getting brought against musicians by other musicians who say they wrote specific pieces of music or lyrics first.  Is there anything new under the sun?

  1. Can cannabis research be both illegal and legal at the same time?

Connection to Intellectual Property/Plagiarism:  What should researchers do when cannabis research is legal at the state level, but illegal at the federal level, making their intellectual property vulnerable to prosecution?

Paper Requirements, Resources, and Process Questions:


MLA Style

3-5 pages of text and 1 page of works cited

2-3 Sources (one source must be from the perspective of the opposition)


Chapter for Reference

BTTL 603-631


Important Questions to Consider

What makes your claim an arguable issue?

Whom are you trying to persuade?

Specifically, why is your claim persuasive?

How can you backup each of your reasons?