What kind of products and will the fashion brand offer?

Research questions ( Please develop research questions according to aims & objectives, examples are list below, but not all of them are applicable.
The Business Plan
• What is the niche market for the fast fashion brand in China?
• What is the targeted group the fashion retailing plan is to focus on with the niche in the market?
• What kind of products and will the fashion brand offer?
• How much finances are required for the business to start up?
• Where I can find help and financing for the fashion retail business?
• What will be and are the distribution channels of the starting business?
1.6 Literature Review (Write a paragraph using qualified academic English)
The literature review contains two parts: industrial analysis of Chinas e-commerce fashion industry in order to… also, it has academic literature review in the field of e-commerce, fashion entrepreneurship and integrated marketing communication …
1.7 Research Methodology (Write in the format as the example shows)
Researchers appreciate that there are several possible approaches to set up a research methodology. However, this typical study is based on the specific approach proposed by Saunders et al (2000), which sees to provide a logical procedure for conducting the study. The approach identified by Saunders et al (2000) uses the analogy of the onion to describe the stages of conducting a research study; hence its name the Saunders Research Onion Approach. In his approach, the authors compared the research process to an onion, which is made up of various layers within its structure. The image show below illustrates the sections identified by Saunders et al as the main sections and subsections of the research methodology based on their onion approach.
For this
Research Philosophy (Triangulation, combination of interpretivism and posittivism)
• Research approach : Deductive
• Research Strategies (Grounded theory)
• Time horizons : (Cross-sectional)
• Data collection methods (Primary research, eg, online questionnaire survey, Interview)
This study engages both qualitative and quantitative research approach. Qualitative research involves having a research design which helps in investigating phenomena in its natural setting. This approach does not manipulate the variables in any way to influence the outcome of the research (Vu 2013, p.7). This research design focuses on answering the questions when, why, how, where, and who. The quantitative research design on the other hand, uses an approach that is quite different from the qualitative research. This study will apply a mixed methods design, which is a procedure for collecting and analyzing data from both quantitative and qualitative research within a single study (Mengti 2010, 33). The aim of this project is to learn about building up successful online fashion entrepreneurial company, which requires sufficient methods for capturing trends and details of the situation. To address this topic competently, the customer expectation will be explored: a mixed method is considered as appropriate. Although the exploration relies heavier on qualitative research, quantitative and qualitative methods complement each other and allow for more analysis that is complete.
( Dont directly use these paragraphs, its only for providing essential information for writing an introduction chapter)
Sample selection: 100 female questionnaire: Taobao online buying behavior
Interview: 3 industry experts (se-mi structured interview due to different fields of expertise.
3 Start-ups on Taobao (structure interview)
• 1.8 Chapter Outlines: Use several sentence to describe the key content of each chapter
Chapter 1: introduction