What kind of performance appraisal method does this auto dealer use for Jack?

1) Which of the following is based on the human capital theory?2) The collective bargaining system was established by passage of which federal Act?3) This term is defined as added pay for employees who have reached the maximum of a pay grade and who are unlikely to move into higher grades.4) Which of the following is an advantage of seniority pay systems?5) In 2011, employees were expected to earn average merit increases of what percent?6) Which pay system is most widely used in America today?7) Which two factors should compensation professionals consider before endorsing the use of merit pay systems?8) This term refers to the minimum pay increase that employees view as a significant change in their compensation amount.9) If an employee is rated as outstanding on her leadership ability she was probably rated using which appraisal system?10) XYZ Company ranks its employees from the best performer to the poorest performer and the employee with the best performance receives the highest ranking. What type of performance appraisal method is used by this company?11) There are 15 animal keepers working for the XYZ Company. Their supervisor is required to rate the performance of these workers based on the following criteria: 30% of the animal keepers will be rated as below-average, 40% of the animal keepers will be rated as average, and 30% of the animal keepers will be rated as above average. What type of performance appraisal is used?12) Which evaluation system requires that supervisors compare each employee to every other employee, identifying the better performer in each pair?13) This type of behavioral performance appraisal system requires the review of past performance behaviors and outcomes in order to identify them as either successful or unsuccessful.14) This performance appraisal system is based on employees and supervisors identifying on-the-job behaviors and behavioral outcomes that distinguish successful from unsuccessful performances.15) Among the various performance appraisal techniques, this appraisal system is the most defensible in court because it is based on actual observable job performance behaviors.16) Which performance appraisal system displays illustrations only of positive behaviors shown by an employee in various job dimensions?17) Management by objective is part of which type of performance appraisal system?18) Who determines the particular objectives in a management by objectives (MBO) appraisal system?19) Which performance appraisal tool is most often used with managers and professional employees?20) Jack works at an auto dealer as a sales professional. At the beginning of every year, he and his supervisor determine objectives for Jack together, which are tied to corporate objectives. One of the objectives is related to the customer satisfaction. Jack always remains in contact with customers to whom he sold cars even after six months following the sale. His performance appraisal partially depends on the customer satisfaction survey results. What kind of performance appraisal method does this auto dealer use for Jack?21) XYZ Movers, a professional relocation company, has 3-person teams for their moving services. The company asks customers to complete a satisfaction survey regarding their recent move. For an employees performance appraisal, customer satisfaction surveys are also considered in addition to his/her supervisor and team member ratings. Which of the following best describes this situation?22) This term refers to a difference between the output of a human judgment process and that of an objective, accurate assessment. This difference could be due to bias, prejudice, or other subjective, extraneous influences.23) The halo effect and similar-to-me effects are considered examples of which type of rating error?24) A manager expects high levels of performance from a newly hired employee, Ashley, as she graduated from a prestigious Ivy League university. A year later, the manager rates Ashleys job performance higher than her actual performance due to his initial belief. What kind of rater error was made by the manager?25) This occurs when a rater generalizes good performance behavior in one aspect of the job to all aspects of the job.26) This type of performance raters error occurs when the rater generalizes bad behavior on one aspect of the employees job performance to the employees over-all performance.27) A manager in a company gives higher performance appraisal rating to employees whose children attend the same elementary school as his/her children than employees without any children. What kind of rater error was made by the manager?28) This type of appraisal error takes place when managers rate employees performance more highly than they should compared with objective criteria.29) With these errors, supervisors tend to rate employees performances lower than they would be if compared against objective criteria.30) Which performance appraisal error reflects the tendency to rate every employee at the low end of the rating scale, regardless of actual performance?31) The concept that employees knowledge and skills can be used to generate superior productivity is known as ________ theory.32) The General Schedule (GS) classifies federal government jobs into ________ classifications based on such factors as skill, education, and experience levels.33) ________ pay increase refers to the minimum pay increase that employees will as making a worthwhile change in compensation.34) ________ systems evaluate a given employees performance against the performance of other employees.35) An appraisal system that requires all employees be placed in groups that span the spectrum from well above average to well below average performance is called a ________ performance appraisal.36) With the ________ comparative appraisal technique, supervisors compare each employee to every other employee, selecting the best performer in each dyadic instance.37) Among the various performance appraisal techniques, ________ is the only one based on actual observable job behaviors38) ________ by ________ is used mainly for managerial and professional employees, and typically evaluates employees progress toward strategic planning objectives.39) When supervisors rate all employees close to average, they commit errors of ________.40) Job analysis is vital to companies that wish to establish ________ comparison systems.41) Discuss the concept of “just-meaningful pay increase.” How can it can strengthen the pay-for-performance link?42) A company of 15 employees has recently decided to overhaul its performance appraisal system. Which plan would be most appropriate for the company to adopt? Why?43) List and discuss four possible limitations of merit pay programs. How can a company overcome these limitations?