What is the thesis of the article?

Discussion:Instructions:Review the articles on pages 153-180 in Practial Argument about whether or not colleges have gone too far in accommodating students with disabilities. We will revisit this topic in Unit 3. As you read, pay close attention to argument strategy. Choose three of the articles, and answer the following questions:•What is the thesis of the article? Is it explicit or implicit?•Does the author use primarily inductive or deductive reasoning?•Can you recognize any logical fallacies?5.2 Discussion:Instructions:Review Chapter 3 of Practical Argument. Choose a print advertisement that makes a convincing argument in favor of a product, service or charity. You will use this advertisement again later for rhetorical analysis and for the culminating assignment of Unit 2, which asks you to evaluate the advertisement based on its effectiveness.After carefully observing the advertisement, write a physical description of the advertisement for your classmates. Focus on concrete details such as color, text, characters, setting and perspective.•What concrete details can you describe?•From this first look, are any logical fallacies employed by the advertisements creators?Your paragraph should be no longer than 250 words. Post the paragraph AND the advertisement as a weblink as part of your response.THERE ARE TWO SECTIONS TO THIS ASSIGNMENT. PLEASE FOLLOW DIRECTIONS EXTREMELY CAREFULLY. PLEASE ANSWER THE QUESTIONS IN DETAIL TO EACH TO BOTH OF THE ASSIGNMENTS. EACH DISCUSSION, 5.1 AND 5.2 SHOULD HAVE 250 WORDS EACH BUT NO MORE THAN THAT EACH. YOU WILL NEED TO ACCESS MY BOOK ACCOUNT BELOW TO COMPLETE ASSIGNMENT.Website: Chegg.comTextbook: ”Practical Argument”CHAPTERS 3 & 5 WILL BE NEED TO BE REFERENCED TO COMPLETE THIS ASSIGNMENT.PLEASE FOLLOW DIRECTIONS CAREFULLY. THERE IS ALSO A LINK ATTACHED THAT WILL NEED TO BE REFERENCED. THANKS SO MUCH IN ADVANCE.