What is the preachers role within the community?

Discussion Questions for Nothing But a Man

How is sound used and for what purpose(s) is it used within Nothing But a Man?
What type of protagonist or hero is Duff – active or passive?
Active protagonist – pursues his/her desire by taking action in direct conflict with the people and the world around him
Passive protagonist – outwardly inactive while pursuing desire inwardly, in conflict with aspects of his or her own nature – either does not know or is unable to express the reasons for or the solutions to how his/her life is out of balance
What does Duff want? What type of guy is he?
What is Duff searching for when he leaves his buddies at the bar and goes into town only to show up at a picnic at a local church?
Is it clear to Duff at this time what he lacks, wants or needs?
Identify examples of men in Duff’s life – What defines a man?
Duff’s decision – What kind of man is he?
What does Josie see in Duff?
How is Duff different than his father?
What is the preacher’s role within the community?
Why does Josie feel that her father hasn’t done a thing for any of the Black men within the community?
What or who is the antagonistic force within the movie?
Is the main conflict internal or external and why?
What is the crisis scene and what must Duff recognize and then decide?
What must Duff confront and overcome in order to achieve his goal?
What is the film’s climax and why?
Describe the mise en scene within the last scene?
What do the visual elements symbols or suggest?
Does this story contain an open or a closed ending?