What is the goal of the lab?

What is the goal of the lab?
What was studied and how?
What are your groups Experimental Results?

Ex, The goal of this lab was to study the acceleration of gravity by measuring the time it takes a frictionless cart to run down a 1 meter long ramp. Various time trials where measured and our groups average experimental results for the time it took our cart to run down the ramp was 3.34sec with a standard deviation of 0.67sec.

Note how you Do NOT need to write a long story just get straight to the point. Abstracts are normally a short paragraph.


Why what you are doing is important?
What exactly is being measured and how?
Relevant equations used and define variables and constants.

Note you used 2 equations, one for calculating the average and another for calculating the standard deviation. You MUST include these equations in your lab report either by using word equations or by simply taking a picture of the equations and pasting it in the introduction through word, or you can NEATLY handwrite the equations.


Restate experimental results and compare with theory.
Are the results reasonable? Is it what you expected? Why or why not? (Do NOT simply answer, Yes the results are reasonable, it is what we expected.. You need to elaborate on why you think they are or are not and support your reasoning with data or physical principles used.
This is also w/here you can explain possible sources of error that may have affected your experimental results, such as friction, wind resistance, human measuring error..,etc…
Finally Remember to Staple your lab and put your group members name and attach any scratch work that shows your calculations.