What is the empirical evidence for the idea as we know it today?

Topic: Jungs construct of masculinity and femininity took the form of two constructs, rather than just one, that are present in every personality. The idea led to the construct of androgyny, which was introduced by Sandra Ben in the mid-1970s.
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The goals of the term paper assignment is for the students to become familiar with the state of the science on a topic that has been controversial, or at least provocative, in the recent past. More specifically, your objective is to take a specific (an important) principle advocated by one of the theorists covered in the text and find out: (a) What is the empirical evidence for the idea as we know it today? (b) And, how has the construct or principle changed since the original idea was presented?
The term paper should be about 15 pages in length, including any tables or figures you wish to include, but not including the title page or the reference list. The text should be double-spaced with 1-inch (2.5 cm) margins all around, and 12 point ROMAN type. You may include tables and figures as part of your 15 pages, however.
The nature of the assignment does require that you use refereed research journals for some of your source material. There should be at least 6 such articles or technical books or book chapters in your paper. Web material does not count toward the 6 technical references unless it is an online access to a research journal. You can include any web page material that you think is useful, however. It is strongly recommended that you use literature search engines.