What is the controversial/argumentative topic that you will write about for your upcoming report?

You must choose which “side” of the issue you support, and you will have to defend your point-of-view in the upcoming report assignment, but you must also be able to explain the viewpoints of those who are not on your side in this weeks proposal assignment.

The Proposal

Type responses to the questions below.

1. What is the controversial/argumentative topic that you will write about for your upcoming report? Be sure to phrase the topic as a question like the following example:

Should high school writing teachers use peer-editing exercises in their classrooms, that require students to read their fellow students written work and provide feedback for revision?

Your answer:

2. What is your opinion on the argumentative topic? Phrase your answer as a single-sentence thesis statement that presents the topic, your point-of-view, followed by three reasons in support of that view. For example,

High school writing teachers should not use peer-editing exercises because the editing effort 1) may be suspect, 2) may be incorrect, and 3) is too difficult to fairly assess.

In the thesis above, the topic is highlighted in blue, the opinion or point-of-view is highlighted in red, and the reasons are numbered.

Your thesis statement:

3. What is the opinion of your opposition on this topic? What are at least two reasons why others have an opposite opinion from yours on the topic? For example:

1. Some teachers believe that peer-editing exercises help less-advanced student writers see how more-advanced student writers develop topics, organize ideas, and structure sentences. In this way, those less-developed writers can learn from their peers.

2. Other teachers believe that having students assess other students writing will help them to better apply the assignment guidelines to their own work. It does happen that a writer may not follow guidelines when writing his or her essay, but when required to assess another students work using those guidelines, that original student may realize what needs to be fixed in his or her own work.

Your answers:

3.Brief Annotated Bibliography – List two sources that you will use in your upcoming research report. The sources must be from scholarly sources only! Use 8th edition MLA

begin each bibliographic surmmary with a work cited entry in 8th edition MLA format. Then, summarize the content of the article, typing at least four sentences. End with at least two sentences that explicitly state how you will use the article as evidence in your report. You may include direct quotes, and you should make sure that you explain which body paragraph (which reason from your thesis) that evidence will be used to support.