What is the campaigns key massage?

Rooms at competitive prices
• Excellent facilities: a mini-spa on every floor: free aerobic classes three times a week: musical entertainment in the lounge every evening
• Hotels all in downtown areas
• Hotel restaurants offer a wide range of local dishes, prepared by well-known chefs
• A comprehensive advice service for all guests
Aim: A creative campaign to attract more customers
Key questions (adverting team)
• What is the campaigns key massage?
• What special features does the products or service have?
• What are its UPS (Unique Selling Point)?
• Who is your target audience?
• What media will you use? Several, or just one or two?
If you use:
-an advertisement, write the text and do rough artwork.
-a TV commercial, use a storyboard to illustrate your idea.
-a radio spot, write the script, including sound effects and music.
-other media, indicate what pictures, text, slogans, etc. will be used.
• What special promotions will you use at the start of the campaign?