What is the audiences current knowledge skills-base and abilities?

The purpose of this assessment is to demonstrate your ability to research, write and orally present a training presentation. Training is a planned effort by an organisation to facilitate employees knowledge of and ability to perform job-related competencies. This training session is based upon a presentation brief which will demonstrate your ability to analyze your audience and create a training presentation outline.
TASK : As i have mentioned it is an training session so in this Task-1 you need to write an outline of the topic in about 1000 words in the following format which iam uploading at the end, so refer it and write it in the same format. You need to follow the format which i have attached to this as this is an outline report for the presentation.
Also iam attaching an PPT file EFFECTIVE TEAM BUILDING IN AN WORKPLACE for which you have to take it as a base and write the outline report. Write it in the same format and also by taking this attached PPT as a base for it, using these both the FORMAT and PPT write the outline report and for this 12 references are required in APA style.
And at the end you must also answer to the following 5 questions in a brief :
The brief should answer the following questions:
1) What is the audiences current knowledge, skills-base and abilities?
2) What does the audience want to know?
3) What does the facilitator know (prior to conducting research into the topic)?
4) What is the goals statement?
5) What are the learning objectives?
TASK-2 (500 words) :
This Task-2 is the “Self-Reflection for Training Presentation” and you should write it in about 500 words only, in this you just need to write our self reflection of the above presentation the above PPT . Here also you need to take this attached PPT as a base. Importantly here i want you to answer the following questions :