What ideas do these two philosophers share in common?

Exposition of Each Text
For each text, answer the following questions in a well-organized essay. Each exposition should be a minimum of two pages in length.

(1) Explain, in your own words, what the main idea of the selection is—what is the author trying to demonstrate or prove? What is the overall purpose of the selection?

(2) Write a summary of the points that the author makes—does he give reasons for accepting his argument or his conclusions? Can you tell what the author might be arguing against?

(3) Carefully formulate your thoughts about the reading. What idea or ideas did you find interesting in the selection? Do you agree with the authors argument or conclusions?

Comparative Reading of the Texts
Write a paper that reads these two texts alongside one another, and answer the following questions. This comparative reading paper should be a minimum of one and a half pages in length.

(1) What ideas do these two philosophers share in common?

(2) What ideas might they disagree on?

(3) In your opinion, who makes a stronger argument, Plato or Descartes? Explain your answer and defend it with sound reasoning.