What has been the response to the problem throughout history?

Directions from my professor: Examine the social welfare problem that you have
selected from a historical perspective (the need for community based services with the passage of the Olmstead Act). Look at its manifestations over time.
Please address each of the following areas in a 4 to 5 page paper (5 firm pages, preferred and paid for):
1. At what point or period in time was this issue identified and defined as a
social problem?
2. By whom (person, persons, groups, institutions) was it identified?
3. What societal values and beliefs have affected the way the United States
has responded to the problem at various points in its history?
4. What is the scope of the problem, and what population(s) is (are) affected
by the problem?
5. In what ways is the problem impacted by culture, socioeconomics, societal
values, race, ethnicity, sex, power or lack of power, etc?
6. What has been the response to the problem throughout history? Discuss at
least two policies designed to remedy the social problem.
Addressing these areas will require familiarity with theoretical and empirical
resources from journals, articles, and references from your text. Your 4-5 page
paper is to be typed and double-spaced, with a reference page according to
Syllabus Page in standard APA format. The font must be no smaller than 12 point, and all margins
must be 1”. Check for grammar and spelling errors before turning in written
You should have no fewer than 6 sources of information from peer-reviewed
sources, a .gov site, or a news site. You may not use Wikapedia.
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